Local vs LoCal

wolli: "Could you bring me a local beer, please?"
server: "I'm sorry, sir, we don't have any on tap, but I could get you a bottle of Bud Light."
wolli . o O (wtf? Mis ajast Bud kohaliku eripäraga hiilgab?): "Oh, sorry. I meant local as in 'local to California', not LoCal as in 'low calorie'."
server: "Oh... We've got Gordon Biersch Märzen, a red beer from San Jose."
wolli: "Good. I'll have a glass of that, thanks."
server: "Coming right up, sir!"

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sepp ütles ...

doh! oluline detail on puudu - kuidas see õlu maitses? :D

wolli ütles ...

Ma võtsin pärast veel ühe :)

w ütles ...

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Q: what's in common for american beer and making love in a boat?
A: Both are fucking close to water